How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Save Your Business Money – JLee’s Carpet and Floors Steam Cleaner

How staying clean saves your business money. Today, having a clean and sanitary office is more important than ever. How do you tackle the job economically with the best results to keep your business looking fresh and new?

The solution is to hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to handle cleaning! It will relieve the pressure off your staff and save you money in the long run.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning will save you money on:

  • In house or staff cleaning will save you time and money to focus on your business
  • Save money on cleaning supplies
  • Prevent additional wear and tear on your carpets by cleaning it right

Professional cleaners get the job done faster and better than staff

Your staff are not professional cleaners and are more likely to not be able to handle cleaning in high traffic areas. A professional cleaner will know the amount of detergent to use while cleaning and know how to extract the cleaner residue from the carpet. They will be able to pre-treat high traffic areas which will prevent extra wear and tear on high traffic areas. Replacing worn out carpets and flooring is expensive. Prevention will save your business from incurring that unsightly cost.

“”Carpet is like new now. Their Rotovac is 100 x better than a manual wand. All their equipment is top notch and the service is excellent!!””

 Paul H – Commercial Client 

Saving Money on Cleaning Supplies

An untrained person will use more cleaning supplies with poorer results while cleaning carpets. It will also save business owners from time spent shopping for the right cleaning detergents. Time is money for any business, and wasting supplies will add up along with purchasing an effective cleaning product through trial and error to find the product that performs the best.

Preventing Wear

A professional cleaning company knows what products do the job and when your carpet cleaning company. A business who owns a carpet cleaning machine can be very useful for small spots and routine cleaning. However, most home machines do not have the same suction power as professional machines do. A home machine can loosen the dirt but may not completely remove all residues. Now is the time all businesses need to ensure their cleaning is thorough enough to clean and kill unwanted bacteria that carpets can hold in fibers.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

  • Health Benefits
  • Prevention
  • Smell
  • Appearance
  • Extend the life of your carpet


Flooring, whether it be carpet or hardwoods will trap dust particles, bacteria, and allergens from the heavy traffic in a business. Airborne dust particles are linked to sinus and asthma, in addition to cold, flu, and related illness droplets attaching to dust particles and spreading throughout your store. While vacuuming is important, it will not eliminate contaminants. Dust, dirt and bacteria that accumulates on floors and carpets can only be removed thoroughly with professional cleaning and professional grade products.


Carpets will trap odors. This is especially true in business settings where foot traffic is high. Professional cleaning companies have the highest grade products that have been formulated to remove the toughest odors from your carpet and floors.


Professional carpet cleaning will reduce or eliminate dust mites from your carpets. Most people don’t even think about dust mites living in carpet yet these microscopic creatures will thrive in carpets. It is even more prevalent in carpet exposed to moisture. Moisture can be brought on to a carpet from snow and rain being tracked in your business. Without proper cleaning, carpets can develop mold and mildew areas. Routine regular carpet cleaning can prevent damage from moisture in your carpet.


The most effective way to preserve your carpet and keep it looking new is to have it cleaned on a regular basis. Stains can wreak havoc on carpet fibers expediting wear and tear. Deep cleaning will protect carpet fibers and keep the new fresh appearance of your carpet.

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Of course, carpet cleaning will extend the lifespan of your carpet. This is reassuring to business owners who are budget conscious in addition to the pride of having your office look new and fresh. More importantly, carpet that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis will ensure the safety of your patrons and staff. Professional carpet cleaning companies will help you achieve keeping your business and carpet looking clean and being clean.

Here at JLee’s Carpet and Floor Cleaning we offer affordable carpet cleaning services for businesses. Our commercial carpet cleaning staff will give your carpets the attention they need for your carpet.

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