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JLee’s Edwardsville Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning is able to help clean & sanitize all of your family’s hardwood & laminate floors!

Wood floors are a wonderful way to beautify any room in any home. Like with most things you get what you pay for. Depending on which type you go with they can virtually last forever with a proper maintenance plan.

Just like anything, not taking care of your wood floors properly can lead to unsightly and embarrassing marks or patterns. This can lead to you being unhappy and even expensive repairs or replacement down the road. Different types of wood & laminate flooring need to be treated differently.

Softer woods and laminate floors are easy to dent and scratch. Dropping things, Pet nails, things that get under foot, furniture, and even heavy traffic areas can all lead to damaging your beautiful floors. Sure, these can be  cheaper to have installed but wear down much faster. Either having to be replaced or refinished which costs more money.

Harder wood floors are much more expensive to have installed but will last much longer. Think of the homes which have had their wood floors 100 plus years. The durability of the wood is much higher. This means its more forgiving with dropped items, pets, and traffic areas. The main reason that they are still hear today is that they had been properly maintained. At least the nice looking ones.


Always check with your manufactures recommendation on what to use to clean your wood floors on a daily, weekly, and yearly bases.

Information! Warning WATER will damage all wood floors if left too long to pool and dry. So when cleaning sweep or use a slightly damp mop.

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