Why Use a Professional Steam Cleaner?

Truck-mounted steam carpet cleaning machines are the most powerful extraction machines on the market. JLee’s steam cleaning trucks have higher water temperatures and higher PSI that allows the steam and cleaning solution to penetrate deeper into your carpets. They also have the greatest suction power which allows less water and residue to be left in your carpets, meaning a quicker dry time. Book our services today and experience the JLee’s Carpet and Floor Cleaning Difference.

What does the superior power of JLee’s Carpet and Floor Cleaning truck-mounted machine mean for your home’s carpet, floors & upholstery? It means we can do the job quicker and more efficiently than other companies. This is because a high-temperature solution penetrates all the way through the carpet and is then virtually entirely removed by superior suction. This translates into less time to have the job performed, faster drying times, and less residue left over in your carpets. We also pride ourselves on the work done and we have less risk of damage to your home.

“Josh came out this morning and cleaned most of the carpet in my home, and did an excellent job! It had been many years since we had the carpets professionally cleaned, and and there were some ugly spots and other areas that we were concerned about, but the thorough process that JLee’s used was great, got out all of the spots, and left the carpet soft and smelling very nice! I would definitely recommend to friends and family”

Jeff, an Edwardsville Homeowner

We’re Carpet Care Experts! – JLee’s carpet care technicians are carpet experts, who know the best way to clean just about any carpet stain!

  • Green Eco Friendly Products – We use Green Eco Friendly products which are 100% safe for the environment, people and pets.
  • Treated Soft Water – Our soft water treatment cleans better and leaves your carpets less stiff than our competitors.
  • 2-4 Hour Average Dry Time – Dry time depends most on the conditions and air movement inside the home. This is why we have a range for our dry-time. Ask about our additional Speed Dry Service for when time is of the essence. We can often decrease dry time to under 2 hours.
  • Stain Protection – Most Manufactures recommend that you reapply the carpet stain protection every 6 to 18 months, depending on the amount of use by traffic and pets.

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JLee’s Carpet Cleaning includes the following in every cleaning:

  • Pre-Inspection: We walk through your home with you to evaluate your needs. There are several different carpet materials and MANY different carpet types, your home is unique and therefore so is our approach to cleaning. This walk through includes a free pet urine assessment with moisture meter and blacklight.
  • Pre-Treating: The best way to remove soils and stain is with a quality pre-treatment product. We carry several types of pre-treatments on our truck to target different carpet and soil types. JLee’s uses only high-quality pre-conditioners manufactured by reputable companies. These chemicals are designed to strongly break down dirts and oils, and freely rinse out of the carpet thus providing a deeper clean and leaving a softer feeling carpet.
  • Soft Water Rinse: JLee’s trucks carry 100 gallons of soft-treated water. The only time we may need some water is for end of day appointments but our soft water treatment is on the truck! Soft water is proven to rinse more chemical and dirt from carpets than water that has not been treated.
  • Power Wand Extraction: Truck mounts are the most powerful way to clean your carpets. To take advantage of this power, JLee’s has invested into Power Wands which flush deeper and recover more water than the traditional wand. By recovering more, we remove more dirt and soil than traditional methods and leave your carpets dryer.
  • Speed Drying: Using fans designed specifically for floors, JLee’s can speed up the dry time significantly of your carpets.
  • Post Walk-Through: Once the cleaning is done, we walk you through each area to make sure everything has been cleaned to your satisfaction.