6 Reasons to Professionally Clean Furniture – JLees Carpet and Floor Steam Cleaners

Do I clean my upholstered furniture myself or do I hire a professional furniture cleaning company? If you’re like most of us, the desire to save money is tempting, however, the benefits of hiring a professional furniture cleaning company outweighs any DYI method. Just think about it – We all strive to have a beautiful welcoming home with new furniture.

We want our furniture to be comfy and welcoming along with looking stylish. Unfortunately with use, our furniture that we take so much pride in soon becomes stained, faded, and worn from use. Our once perfect looking furniture has become too lived in like that wrinkled old favorite shirt…. Restore your furniture with a fresh cleaning that only a professional cleaning company can do.

Why Hire a Professional Furniture Cleaning Company

  • Familiar with different types of fabric
  • Right Cleaning Tools to make the job easy and effective
  • Stain Removal Solutions that will not strip fabric color
  • Cleaning helps prevent wear and tear
  • Industrial strength vacuums to preclean dirt
  • Stain Protection Applications

Upholstery Fabrics

One of the biggest challenges cleaning your upholstered furniture yourself is knowing they type of fabric. Fabrics should have a tag identifying the type of material with cleaning instructions. These instructions may call for distilled water and specific cleaning agents. They may call for water free cleaning solutions or dry cleaning. A professional furniture cleaning company will be able to identify the upholstery and have the right cleaning agents on hand to properly clean your furniture. They take the guesswork out of upholstery cleaning.

Cleaning Tools

The cleaning equipment used by professional upholstery cleaning companies will be able to deep vacuum before using that special (preferably horsehair cleaning brush) that will clean without damaging the fabric. This is important because vacuuming gets the dry dirt and dust that all fabrics collect before beginning the next stage of cleaning. A special upholstery brush that has the correct texture for preserving fabric while cleaning gets the job done without damaging the fabric.

Pretreating Stains

Your time is valuable and so is your furniture. Knowing how much stain solution and how long to leave it on without fading the fabric can be tricky. Your professional upholstery cleaner has the knowledge and experience to pretreat stains and also knows the amount of cleaning solution to use.

Prevent Wear and Tear

There are two factors that affect wear and tear other than usage. They are using too much cleaning solution (it remains in the fabric) and scrubbing the fabric with too much pressure breaking do and to a certain degree it is. However, different fabrics will tolerate different cleaning solutions and not knowing the fabric can lead to overuse of cleaning solutions. Once the cleaning solution becomes too strong, it is more difficult to get your furniture properly rinsed out. Cleaning solution accidentally left in your fabric will accelerate soiling and weaken fibers. After hours of hard work, who wants to have your favorite chair in jeopardy from not being properly cleaned.

A professional cleaning company can also apply an upholstery Scotchgard stain protectant to block stains. Call the experts today at JLee’s Carpet and Floor Steam Cleaning with locations in Edwardsville, IL and St Louis, MO.