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JLee’s Carpet & Floor Cleaning is your trusted Edwardsville Mattress Cleaning Company because we know how important a clean and fresh mattress is to getting the best sleep.


We all need a good night’s sleep to have the energy needed to best function at our jobs, or while taking care of our kids.Many people may not be aware that, no matter how clean we are, and how many showers we take, our bodies still leave stuff on the mattress that can end up negatively affecting our sleep and health.

We spend 6-8 hours every night laying on a bed, where body soils & dead skin cells can create an accumulation of bacteria, fungi and dust mites in our mattress, which nobody wants to sleep in! This type of bacteria can lead to lost sleep, skin diseases, irritations, allergies, breathing problems and even bed bugs, but luckily a simple steam cleaning from JLee's Edwardsville Mattress Cleaning can keep your mattresses healthy and clean. Did you know that experts recommend cleaning your mattress once a year?

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Mattress:

Increase the air quality in your bedroom.

Have better & more healthy nightly sleep.

We use the newest machinery in the industry for the best results.

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