Steam Cleaning FAQ

How long does the carpet take to dry?

Most carpets take between 2-6 hours to feel mostly dry. Dry time depends on environmental conditions and type of carpet fiber. Expect Nylon to take longer.

What COVID-19 Precautions is JLee's Taking?

JLee's staff is utilizing social distancing, face masks, gloves, foot covers, and cleaning equipment after every appointment. Contactless payment is also provided via our HouseCall Pro App.

Can JLee's remove pet urine odor?

Yes! We use a special proprietary solution that helps break down urine and rinses it more easily from the carpet. Our only caveat is if urine has penetrated the padding, there is no current cleaning method that reliably deals with the pad outside of replacement. Our method allows us to clean the carpet without causing further pad wetting.

What chemicals are used in cleaning?

JLee's uses primarily 99% green cleaning chemicals that are free-rinsing and leave no residue in the carpet. Severe stain removal may require a non-green chemical and will be discussed with home owner prior to use.

What is included in the pricing?

Glad you asked! We include a free carpet walk through and assessment, pre-vacuum, pre-spray for dirt and minor stains, soft water rinse, power scrub and post-rake upon request. Our cleaning is certified deep cleaning every time.

Is there a guarantee of your work?

Yes and no - we will absolutely come out and reclean if any area is not to your satisfaction or if an odor problem persists. However, if we identify a deeper problem (such as prior water damage leak, mold, mildew etc) these are not problems for carpet cleaners but more for restoration specialists and often require replacement. We do our best and try to be as informative and transparent in the carpet and floor cleaning process as possible.


What they said about us

"Matt and Josh were both super-polite and professional. They showed up on time and my carpets and bathroom floors look great!"

Connie G
Connie G Residential Customer

"Carpet is like new now. Their Rotovac is 100 x better than a manual wand. All their equipment is top notch and the service is excellent!!"

Paul H
Paul H Commercial Customer

"Joshua was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job on our carpets. Will definitely use their services again!"

Wendy Singleton
Wendy Singleton Residential Customer

"Joshua was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job on our carpets. Will definitely use their services again!"

Joseph Duco
Joseph Duco Commercial Customer