JLee’s Edwardsville Upholstery Cleaning is important to the health of your family! We normally don’t think of our upholstery being as dirty as we do our carpets but your upholstery often gets soiled more quickly than your carpets, and comes into more direct contact with your family. 

We sit in our favorite chair, or lie around on our sofas as a family, after work, school, shopping, or playing daily. Our children spend a lot of time here watching their favorite programs on the TV. Sometimes we eat and drop crumbs. When we are sick we like to lounge around on the sofa. Our pets come in from outside covered in dust and pollen and climb all over our upholstery.

Everything that gets on our clothes gets transferred to the fabrics and penetrates the padding on our upholstery. Not to mention the natural oils and dead skin cells our bodies produce are a perfect place for dust mites and bacteria to grow. And just like our carpet our upholstery acts like a filter for the air.

How we can help:

  • Remove most soils and oils form the fabric
  • Deep vacuuming of the padding
  • Schedule preventative maintenance to prolong your investment.
  • Freshen up foul odors caused by food and bacteria
  • Reapply protectant to help resist stains

Manufactures Recommendations:

  • Important – Vacuum your upholstery at least once a month
  • Have your upholstery professionally cleaned and re-protected at least every 2 years

(Need of cleaning depends on usage and pets)

If you want your Edwardsville Upholstery Cleaning done right the first time, call JLee’s at 618-855-2913, or book an upholstery cleaning appointment online.