Why Hire Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removal Company – Jlees Carpet and Floors Steam Cleaners

Pet urine odor and stain removal is not a DYI job except for the initial clean up. We’ve all walked in a friend or family members home that looks clean but has a tinge of pet odor. In fact, some DYI methods can actually make the problem worse.

Quickly cleaning up a pet accident is prudent but many DYI methods can be problematic. Many times there is over use of cleaning solutions and water trying to dilute the urine. This just drives the remaining urine deep into the carpet fibers and padding. Bacteria grows quickly in these situations. While the remaining urine crystalizes and gives off more reeking odors. Some homeowners try super chemicals thinking that it is the solution to pet stain removal. This can end up making your pet sick from the harsh chemical in the cleaners used to neutralize the urine.

Removing Pet Urine DYI Methods can leave:

  • Missed urine residue that grows harmful bacteria over time
  • Missed urine and odors imbed in the base fibers and under padding
  • Remaining urine crystals become more potent with time not properly removed
  • Many cleaners contain toxic chemicals harmful to pets

“Very friendly and helpful with all services I required. Will definitely be using again for all our floor cleanings.”

 Michael Williams 

Most professional carpet cleaning companies say they specialize in pet stain removal. JLees Carpet Cleaning is an expert in pet stain removal and pet odor removal. JLees Carpet Cleaning takes pride in their ability to make your carpet look new and fresh while removing pet urine stains. JLees uses special cleaning solutions that break down the chemical composition of urine to eliminate stains and odors. This means that the crystals that produce strong pungent odors are broken down with the elimination of bacteria.





Professional Carpet Cleaning eliminate pet odors and urine stains

  • Specialize in pet urine and odor removal
  • Cleaning solutions break down pet urine crystals and odors
  • High powered equipment extracts deep moisture
  • Fast drying to preserve your carpets

JLees cleaning solution is effective, safe, and uses less water used in other methods. It means that you’ll see faster drying times and be back to your busy schedule in no time.

Schedule JLees Pet Urine Removal treatment today for a clean and happy home.