Rug Doctor vs. Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

Rug doctors are a rental carpet cleaning machine available at most big stores. However, the availability of these machines should not be mistaken for effectiveness. JLee’s Carpet and Floor Cleaning compare the Rug Doctor vs. professional deep cleaners. 


Cleaning Power

Truck-mounted machines produce between 175 and 350 cubic feet of air per minute, where the Rug doctor machine puts out only 80. Due to the lower power, the rug doctor doesn’t have the suction ability to extract water and chemicals left in the rug. As a result, your carpet can take days to dry after using a Rug Doctor or similar machine. The dirt, water, and chemicals the Rug Doctor fails to pick up stays in your carpet, causing future problems. 

Water Heat and Pressure

Like everything else, heat is essential to properly clean a carpet. Heat causes the molecules to loosen their bonds and makes it easier to separate dirt from the carpet. The Rug Doctor heats water to about 120 degrees, whereas the standard professional truck mount heats water to 220 degrees and above. Professional cleaners get the job done faster and efficiently and effectively remove dirt and grease with more heat. 

Higher water pressure results in a deeper clean as it helps take dirt and other particles away from what it is adhered to. To effectively deep clean a carpet, removing the items stuck to the carpet fibers is essential. A Rug Doctor sprays at 125 to 150 PSI, whereas the lowest setting on a truck mount is 300 PSI, with the capability to reach 1,000 PSI. 

What this all means 

The high-power truck machines mean the technician does not have to repeatedly go over the trouble spots and stains. The power allows the high-temperature solution to penetrate the carpet fully, and the high pressure effectively removes the solution and dirt. As a result, there is less time spent on the job, faster drying times, and less residue leftover in your carpets. Due to the efficiency, the cleaning process is shorter, and there is less risk of damage and additional wear and tear from the cleaning. 

A truck-mounted cleaning system also results in less mess and disturbance to the client. Professional cleaners only need to bring a hose into your house, and they provide the water. Everything is prepared to go with truck-mounted systems, and the worker can start cleaning immediately upon arrival. Therefore, the process is shorter, and you won’t need to designate a full day for your carpets to get cleaned. 


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