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Spring cleaning tips from professional that you can use any time of the year! Here at JLee’s carpet and floor cleaning we’re experts on cleaning up tough messes. Read more on how we handle tough messes.

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

Ah, Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is gorgeous. Isn’t it nice to see all the beauty nature has to offer during this season? Spring always puts me in a great mood. It also motivates me to clean. But where do you even begin with your spring cleaning? Great news, it’s easy! We’re here to help with our top tips for spring cleaning that will inspire anyone to get up and get cleaning.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned by a Professional

Nothing will make your home look and smell fresher than having a professional deep steam clean your carpets. Sure, you could vacuum and hope that you get most of the dirt out of your carpets, but a professional can really get all the dirt, grime, dust mites and just plain old gross out of your carpets. A professional carpet cleaner can go much deeper to clean things a vacuum just can’t reach. Your carpets will look like new again with the help of a professional and trust me the smell itself is worth the investment. You won’t regret it and your carpets will thank you after a professional cleaning from JLees Steam Cleaners.

Spruce Up Your Yard

While cleaning the inside of your home is important, show a little love to the great outdoors as well. Take a look at your flower beds and pull out weeds or dead plants you forgot about during the winter months. Plant some fresh flowers and put down a layer of mulch. These are small little steps to making your home ready for the beauty of spring.

Windows to the World

You’ve now brought your front and backyards back to life with all spring has to offer, but sadly, you can’t see their beauty through your dingy, dirty windows. But great news! Cleaning your windows made the list of best spring-cleaning tips. Your windows not only need a good scrub down from the outside, but all the little fingerprints from your toddler on the inside could stand to be cleaned as well.

“We were able to get an appointment quickly and were impressed by the punctuality of Josh and effectiveness of his cleaning. It made our carpets look new and they were horrible looking. We will definitely use these services again!”

 Jennifer Allen

Declutter and Donate

Life happens. It seems like we are always so busy and getting busier by the minute. Somehow, before we know it things just accumulate, and we have no clue where they came from or how they got there. So, take the time to look around. Do you really need all those shoes that you outgrew two years ago? Isn’t it time to donate the little dresser you swore you’d repurpose four years ago and just never got around to? Really? Your teen doesn’t actually need that size 4T dress hanging in her closet anymore, right? Now is the perfect time to purge. Ask for help from your family to clean out closets, shoes, toys, old furniture and yes, even the garage. This will not only help you free up some space in your home, it will help so many others if you donate these items.

Easy Declutter Tips

  • Ask yourself, have you used the item in the past year
  • Are you only hanging onto the item for sentimental reasons
  • Clean out your expired pantry items
  • Broken things you’ve been meaning to repair
  • Old or torn linens
  • Dvd’s you know you’ll never watch
  • Duplicate kitchen utensils
  • Expired medication
  • Books that you haven’t used in three or more years


How many times have you opened your oven to bake something and said to yourself, “You know, I should really clean this oven one day.” I can certainly raise my hand on that. Now is the time. This is your moment. Many times, our major appliances like the oven, refrigerator, toaster, washer and dryer all get overlooked when it comes to cleaning. We use these almost every day, and oh my gosh, when was the last time we had chicken? And what is that growing on it? Yes, it’s time to clean the fridge. Maybe you should consider just throwing that old chicken container away. We do also want to declutter right? The point is spring is the perfect time to clean these everyday appliances that are so overused and overlooked.


Spring is my favorite season. All the new life and beauty inspires me to take a look at my surroundings and think about how to carry on the beauty of nature in my own life. Whether it’s having my carpets professionally cleaned or just throwing out old moldy chicken, it makes me feel great to have taken a step towards my spring cleaning. I’m certain you will feel great too!